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Painting - The Art Of Making Yourself

Painting - The Art Of Making Yourself

TAOMY, short for 'The Art Of Making Yourself'.

The whole painting has been developed over the course of one and a half year, with long poses in between. No studies were made except from a quick little pencil sketch on paper to get the concept. The first idea was to set a woman writing to-do lines everywhere, looking tired of work and obligations that go with it, but in the process it changed to a woman creating herself by drawing. She learns from the book on her lap, starts out with some sketches, laying on the child table she is sitting on, and starts the progress with a little flower on the right hand (next to the watch). The more progress she makes the better the flowers get and 'grow'. In the end she is an experienced professional in what she does, letting it all come to life.

I had a great time with this painting and especially the outcome of it.

- Medium: acrylics.
- Size: 78x52cm.
- Varnish: gloss.

Germany €30,-
International €45,-

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