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General info & Delivery


Al printed illustrations are produced with an (impressively huge) digital offset machine in a local press-company in Berlin, the paper used is 280g Munken Lynx, to give it a nice slightly-textured background. The liquid offset-ink is absorbed slightly in the thick paper and therefore it's not reflective but mat, to give it that screenprint look and feel, only with much higher resolution. 


Original art

All artworks in the Original section are one of a kind. The pictures are nothing compared to the real artworks, but the specs are noted with each work, though if there might be any questions or if you'd like to see close-ups of an original or a specific work then please drop a note and I'll get on it. 



If you're looking for a size (for prints)  that isn't listed, just contact me, I'm sending orders to the print-shop very often so I can send an extra for no additional charge.



Before shipping any item it will be carefully checked and packed to make sure it arrives in perfect state at the address given by the client. Products in Germany will arrive within 2-3 working days or internationally within 1 (or very maybe) 2 weeks, depending on the country.

Shipping method depends on the size of the product. For originals, small will be shipped flat and A2 and bigger sizes will roll, unless the buyer prefers differently. In that case please contact through the form here in my shop. All shipping for originals will be done secure and tracked.


Return Policy

We're all human, and so are the people who transport stuff. In the -very- slight case of damage while transport, at arrival or in between, or any other circumstances please contact before returning the product.