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General info & Delivery


All original drawings are one of a kind and hand drawn by freelancer/artist Tijmen Ploeger (Itchi5) with lightproof ink and acid free paper, unless otherwise mentioned. For more information on the artist and his works please see www.itchi5.com

Note: Can't find the one you're looking for? The art listed here is a selection so it might be sold or in the archives. Just drop a note through the contact form here and it'll be checked out.


The main payment option is Paypal, though no worries if you don't have that, in the Paypal menu just select 'pay without an account' and you will have the option for credit card and bank transfer. If non of that works then just send a message at shop@itchi5.com with the product(s) you would like to purchase and shipping information.


Before shipping any item it will be carefully checked and packed to make sure it arrives in perfect state at the address given by the client. Products will arrive within 5 days or internationally within 1-3 weeks, depending on the country.  Shipping method depends on the size of the product. For originals, small will be shipped flat and A2 and bigger sizes will roll, unless the buyer prefers differently. In that case please contact directly at shop@itchi5.com All shipping for originals will be done secure and tracked.

Return Policy

In case of damage while transport, at arrival or in between, or when a product does not match expectations please contact before returning the product.