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For your interest and my convenience I've listed a few frequently asked questions and -not always too serious- answers down here. In the case of other questions you might have feel free to contact.

Q - So, who are you anyways?
A - Hi, my name is Tijmen, I'm a freelance artist person with 16 years of experience in all ups and downs in the business. Born and raised in holland I studied graphic design and later -for my 29th birthday- I gave myself a one-way trip to Spain and spend my days in wonderful Barcelona for over 7 years long. After being preeeeetty tanned -and bored of the mojitos- I moved to Berlin where I..

Q - yeah yeah all very fancy, but where does your inspiration come from?
A - A lot comes from japanese influences, they are very traditional and can have a lot of symbolism in their history, like a simple object can have a huge meaning behind it, and that is exactly the red line in art, too. The tattoos I use a lot, because they can be seen as a personal story, since it's drawn on a person and one of a kind. Mostly the tattoos take more time then the rest of the artwork to develop. And then there's the funny illustrations I do once in a while, they are inspired by daily life -personal as well as from friends or strangers- because we're all human and no matter how hard we think we're perfect, we all make stupid mistakes or have weird habits which can lead to very funny situations, like for example hangovers. It's a thing of its own.

Q - Gorgeous. Where does the name Itchi5 come from?
A -  It comes from the japanese name for the number 1, 'ichi'. Though when I would be using only that name it would be amazeballs hard to find me on the interwebs searchmachinisms, so to create a unique name I've added the letter 't', and for people to remember the total name better I've added the number 5, because Nr 5 Is Alive, and adding a number behind a word makes people remember it better.

Q - does that make any sense at all?
A - that last part depends on your knowledge of 80's movies.

Q - Oooo.k. But hey, which media do you use to create your stuff?
A - All artworks start out with the good old pencil and paper. From there on it can end up in more advanced sketches or inkdrawings, or if I want to use colour then I'll work it out on canvas. For clients I usually work digital. Using a little Wacom Bamboo to draw and Inkscape and Gimp as the platform. I like the software because they are made to draw and are donation-ware. So -unlike the most popular software- they're very quick, don't slow your whole computer down with unnecessary updates or nag about the next-next version coming up for purchase, again. They only do what they are designed for: drawing.

Q - Mr Tijmen I can clearly see you are an amazing intellect, but can you make a living out of this?
A - Define 'living'.
Q - well, like, you know, make enough money to pay for rent, food, holidays etc, I mean in the end it's all about being happy with what you do, innit?
A - Oh yes most definitely, it took a long time to start up when I was young-er and there were some lesser moments where I went flat-faced, from which I learned a lot. Nobody's born as a professional, and even after all those years I wouldn't want to be perfect since the fun part is getting better and seeing improvements in my art, because repeating the same design over and over again for years on is just not my thing. My clients come from all over the world and most pay good, though it can be a bit hard to get some more free time once in a while, but I see that as part of the game.

Q - Oh my, perfect, you are SO interesting.
A - Aww thanks, but please just call me Tijmen.
Q - I prefer to call you Perfect, but you're the boss, so Tijmen, what are your goals for this year?
A - Ah! I thought you'd never ask. First of all my goal is to get myself a 3rd yacht, same as the second one but then pink, you know, to show off a bit, but in a polite way. Referring to goals in the job for this year, I'd like to aim for more artistic work again and get away from the computer a bit. Do more stuff like the huge ink drawings I did (Mononoke, Blossom etc) or wallpaintings (Anybody has a minimum of 10 floor building to paint on? Contact me.) Also I've been working on some canvas paintings since a while and am really surprised by the effect of it, because -like with the ink drawings- it's hard to correct  something and that makes you focus way more in a creative way. And then outside of the usual themes there's some political artworks in progress, though not sure if that will work with the current style I have so that might be a separated style coming up. You know it's not easy being incredibly handsome, artistic and intelligunt like me at the same time. *glazing into the sky*

Q - You -Sir- are a pure and impressive genius, is there any chance I can date you?
A - That depends on your patience in the waiting line, but hey, just give it a try. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a yacht catalog waiting.

disclaimer: some questions might be completely made up for humorous convenience, I take no responsibility whatsoever for any previously indicated pink yachts or dates.